Imagine There’s No Islam

All ideologies have their rough patches during which horrible or detestable deeds are done in their names, but the fourteen centuries of horrible and detestable deeds done in the name of Islam don’t qualify as a rough patch – they qualify as a definition.  It is therefore high time that the rest of the world disinvite Islam from the table of acceptable ideas on planet Earth.

As Syrian Heart-Eating Rebelcivilized people, we are naturally loathe to ban any ideology from acceptability, but there are times when we simply must do so in order to remain civilized, and World War II gives us two excellent examples of this.  After World War II, the Nazi Party (including its emblems and much of its ideology) was outlawed in Germany, since it was correctly recognized as being responsible for hideous and destructive behavior on a grand scale.  And as a condition of surrender, the Japanese Emperor Hirohito renounced his claim to divinity, which had been a driving force for so much of the devastation caused by Japan before and during the war.  We must not give an ideology a pass simply because it’s a religious ideology.

A tree is recognized by its fruit, and when we taste the fruit of Islam we find it to be regressive, brutal, disingenuous and intolerant, bent solely upon seeing the planet succumb to a one-world caliphate under which all dissent is stifled and is ultimately punishable by death.  When stronger than its neighbors, Islamia has always tended to invade, bringing with it three options: conversion, slavery or death.  When weaker than its neighbors, Islamia has always infiltrated through the Religion of Peace colonization efforts until it reaches critical mass, after which it demands its way by force or subjugation.

Church BurningFurthermore, Islamia is the poorest of national neighbors, for wherever it exists next to non-Islam there is a bloody border which must be guarded unceasingly by those on the other side.  And when that border is breached, all that existed before Islam will be systematically destroyed and dismantled, and it will not go well with those minorities who resist the forced conversion.  How are the Hindus doing is Pakistan, the Zoroastrians doing in Iran, the Christians doing in Syria and Iraq, and the Jews doing in Egypt?

There have been more than 21,500 terror attacks committed in the name of Islam since that fateful day of September 11, 2001, and today in Syria the world is faced with the choice of either supporting the bloody Assad regime or the heart-eating cannibals of Al Qaeda who love flying planes into buildings and blowing kids to pieces.  Meanwhile, in Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood is enjoying its version of the Nazi’s Kristallnacht, committing wholesale and virtually unhindered murder, rape, destruction and mayhem upon the Coptic Christian minority.

Human trafficking, pedophilia and child-bride-taking all thrive behind the Islamic Curtain, and black, non-Islamic Africa is being subjected to an astonishing degree of genocide, murder, slavery, rape and dispossession at the hands of Arab and African Muslims, while a silent world and its cameras look the other way.

I will be the first to acknowledge that there are noble Muslims upon Earth, but let us be honest enough to admit that Islam is little more than the MS-13 cartel of the religious world.  It deserves no place at the table of rational ideas, and we had best stand up and take note of this.  Islam does not play well with others, and it will strangle all dissenting ideologies when given the chance.  Fourteen centuries must be allowed to teach us something.  If, that is, we’re still capable of learning.

9 thoughts on “Imagine There’s No Islam

  1. Barry when I told you that (in my opinion) islam is not a religion, you corrected me sighting the fact that it does in fact fit the definition of a religion. How does a people (grammar) remove it from their midst. A constitutional amendment?

    • Dean

      It would have to be up to each nation as to how to handle such an issue in order to ensure its survival as non-Islamic, whereas I’m trying to speak generally in terms of Western civilization. Things need to start with an honest and blunt discussion of why Islam has proven itself incompatible with all other forms of thought, and then move on to the inherent dangers of multiculturalism (for any culture – including Islam). No people should be bound to honor any ideology that will eventually subjugate or destroy them. Period.

      When someone is bent upon your national destruction, you separate, build a fence and then patrol. It’s not comfortable, but it beats the alternative. Especially for our grandkids.

  2. If you judge others you have no time to “love” them… and we are called to love ….hard? Well…He loves us, right?

    • I’m confused – does this mean you would’ve held Hitler’s hand as he gave you a tour of Auschwitz? Your idea of love would require you not to criticize a genocidal ideology?

  3. I fear it is too late to build a “Muslim fence” around the United States. It is too bad that we did not have the foresight and backbone of Japan; there are no Muslims there, at least not knowingly.

  4. Renee,

    I think there is a failure to understand how much a muslim hates anyone who is not muslim. (yes I am not capitalizing that on purpose) I will not go into my history in dealing with the religion.

    If we think that a Muslim would not do something horrible (think the most vile, awful, things you have ever seen on a movie) to us in a instant because we
    1. are not muslim
    2. not male
    3. an American
    4. are white. (yes most muslims are scared of black folks)
    5. are a Christian

    Wait a second, I just described a sexist, oppressive, racist organization. Love? Peace?

    I am sure someone will apply all these labels to me.

    Either way understand they want conversion or death.

  5. Barry are you familiar with Bill Warner @ Dean

    On Fri, Aug 30, 2013 at 9:49 AM, CRITICAL MASS

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