An Open Letter to Calvary Chapel Fallbrook

After over 25 years of ministry at Calvary Chapel Fallbrook (CCF), with the last 7-plus as the Senior Pastor, it was time for me to retire. Not out of desire, mind you, but because the Lord in His infinite wisdom and glorious plan has allowed me to be stricken with a rather debilitating and painful medical condition known as Interstitial Cystitis (IC). What happens with IC is that portions of your bladder dry up, and when that happens it allows the collected urine to come into contact with the nerve endings, causing excruciating pain. There is hope for a recovery from a medical standpoint, but it could be several months to years in the making. Since the pain was physically and mentally overwhelming, in what I hope was in the best interests of CCF I turned the baton over to the Board of Directors without a clear successor in mind, and now I hope and pray that your search for a new Senior Pastor goes well and is blessed by God.

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From the bottom of our hearts, Amparo and I thank you for the love and kindness you have shown us (did you guys know I met her at CCF back in 2001?), and it is with great sadness that we must say good-bye. There are so many great memories: beach camps, lock-ins, kitchen patrols at Forest Home, baptisms, Israel trips, Ireland trips, Cambodia trips, weddings, cook-outs, the big remodel and so many other wonderful things. And it was such a privilege that my last acts as Senior Pastor were to dedicate young Rowan and to dedicate the law enforcement career of one of our finest young men. But most of all, it was a blessing to carry out my duty of faithfully (I hope) teaching you God’s Word from start to finish. I didn’t quite make it (too slow!), but God will probably have me teaching in Eternity to make up for it…

Thank you for the love and the prayers with which you always showered my family and me, and especially in 2015 with the precarious health of Danny and Daniel. With grateful hearts we all thank you, and always will. Please know that our time at CCF was blessed, and that our hopes and wishes for CCF are all for the best.

As Al Beaubier always said, “See you there, or in the air!”

With love

The Mahler and Lombera families
Epic Times/Epic Faith

12 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Calvary Chapel Fallbrook

  1. Dear friends, I am so surprised to read this article at 1 AM this morning. Our thoughts and love and prayers go out to the both of you and to all your family, friends, and congregation. You are loved by David and I so much. Are you able to get together for dinner‘s or lunch? I sure hope this is not got you flat down on your back my friend. We’re praying for you and the pain and that you keep your eyes on our precious Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Keep in touch love Dave and Edie

  2. That (in)famous cowboy hat, the bible in one hand, and your wonderful wife in the other; and all the rest of us who have grown to love you, what else could you need? Well ok, I’ll pray for a new bladder, but don’t hold your breath.

  3. I’ll miss you Barry! You were a great loving pastor, sacrificial leader, intelligent teacher, and kind hearted mentor. I was thankful to have sat under your teaching on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights for 3 years. God bless you and your family on this new journey and we all will continue to pray for your recovery. From my familia to yours, love you brother.

  4. Such sad news for you and Calvary Chapel. May the Lord heal you completely and enlarge your ministry!!

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  5. We are so sorry and we are praying our Lord will bless you with His comfort and healing. Will you please let us know when you are up to having visitors? Or if ever want to talk/pray. It has been awhile since SONGS but we are still here in Oceanside. Please call us if we could ever be of help to you or to the family. Blessings in His Mighty Name ~ Mike and Evelyn McElroy ~ 760-721-6052

  6. My sincere heartfelt deep words of affection to you and Amparo , it was always so good to come and share at your fellowship at various events and church services. I will always hold you all very dear to my heart. And will continue to pray to God the Father of Jesus and Father of mercies and God of all comfort. En el amor de Cristo.
    Fausto y josie Pflucker

  7. I will pray 🙏 for you , your family and your Doctors… I know I learned so much from your Bible studies… Lots of love ❤ to you and your family and Prayers for quick healing

  8. Now that you have time open, come visit Lenny and I in Denison. Already mentioned it to Umparo, we have a guest room at Steelcore

  9. Dear Barry and Amparo, we love you both so much! We are sad to hear of this terrible ailment and will be praying for healing! Justin and I are so greatful to you Barry for your commitment to the young adults ministry way back 17 years ago! We met in your living room and both learned so much under your teaching but more so by your life and love for us all!! Your shepherding days may be over but you will never stop sharing the Love if Jesus with those around you! May the Lord show you new ways to serve Him!
    Blessings, Justin, Erin Ezekiel and Henry

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