Support the Defenders

The rise of genocidal Islamic terrorism – especially when coupled with largescale governmental inaction against such a worldview – is creating a stunning humanitarian issue throughout the Middle East and much of Africa.ISIS Beach Beheading  Because of this, earlier this year we at Calvary Chapel Fallbrook began dedicating the proceeds of our recycling program toward helping those directly affected.  Renamed as Support the Defenders Recycling Program, it is designed to do more than just aid in housing, clothing and feeding the refugees created by these terrorists Continue reading

Imagine There’s No Islam

All ideologies have their rough patches during which horrible or detestable deeds are done in their names, but the fourteen centuries of horrible and detestable deeds done in the name of Islam don’t qualify as a rough patch – they qualify as a definition.  It is therefore high time that the rest of the world disinvite Islam from the table of acceptable ideas on planet Earth. Continue reading