The Evil of Compromise

One of the reasons that our society is in such a state of moral decay is that it holds up the idea of compromise as if it were an unquestionable virtue.  While it’s true that compromise can be a good and helpful thing in some cases, it doesn’t necessarily follow that compromise is always right or beneficial.  For instance, if you want to paint the room blue and she wants to paint the room yellow, maybe green might be a good compromise.  Or if you want to see an action movie and she wants to see a romantic movie, perhaps an action-romance movie would be a good compromise.  But if we’re dealing with principles of right and wrong, compromise is never appropriate or good, for the compromising of good principles always results in depraved conduct. Continue reading

Resetting Government

Humanity corrupts everything it touches, eventually corrupting it completely.  Because of this, any institution – no matter how well or nobly begun – must from time to time be reset if anything good or noble is to remain of it.  This is especially true of human government, for as the institution designed by Heaven to limit the worst expressions of the sinful human nature, government has the potential to obliterate human freedom and dignity if not kept in check. Continue reading