An Open Letter to Calvary Chapel Fallbrook

After over 25 years of ministry at Calvary Chapel Fallbrook (CCF), with the last 7-plus as the Senior Pastor, it was time for me to retire. Not out of desire, mind you, but because the Lord in His infinite wisdom and glorious plan has allowed me to be stricken with a rather debilitating and painful medical condition known as Interstitial Cystitis (IC). What happens with IC is that portions of your bladder dry up, and when that happens it allows the collected urine to come into contact with the nerve endings, causing excruciating pain. There is hope for a recovery from a medical standpoint, but it could be several months to years in the making. Since the pain was physically and mentally overwhelming, in what I hope was in the best interests of CCF I turned the baton over to the Board of Directors without a clear successor in mind, and now I hope and pray that your search for a new Senior Pastor goes well and is blessed by God. Continue reading

Pastor Barry’s Election 2016 Picks


I’ve been asked many times this election season about my picks on various offices and issues.  What follows are my personal picks regarding the national and statewide issues and offices, with a few of our San Diego County issues thrown in to boot.  Where helpful, I’ll attach some commentary for clarity or humor (California propositions tend to visit us from the Twilight Zone).

My in-depth thoughts on appropriate government can be found in the last seven chapters of my book, UNGOD, Unmasking the Dark Image of Hell, but I’ll summarize here for brevity.  I believe that all charity should be private.  Government should never be the hand that doles out or controls charity, ever.  I also believe that all education should be private, except for that which is necessary for government to train those necessary for government work (law enforcement, military, etc.). Continue reading