Rules of Engagement

It is with both sadness and a growing degree of anger at my national government that I must break away from my series on international borders to address the issue of the way our government is wasting the lives and blood of our military personnel.  Earlier this week, as a law enforcement chaplain, I had the somber duty of responding to the apparent suicide of a Marine who lived in my neighborhood.  By all accounts, he was an amazing man: motivated, highly intelligent (he spoke at least five languages) and brimming with common sense.  He had also in his relatively young life already done seven tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Continue reading

When Gods Collide


We now move into a more serious discussion of the idea of culture, for culture is fundamental to a people and nation, and is the thing that is most meant to be protected by the existence of an international border.  Our first stop in this discussion must therefore be to discuss the idea of cultural superiority and inferiority, for whenever there are notable differences between cultures such judgments must be made, however loudly the multiculturalists may howl at the notion. Continue reading