When Gods Collide


We now move into a more serious discussion of the idea of culture, for culture is fundamental to a people and nation, and is the thing that is most meant to be protected by the existence of an international border.  Our first stop in this discussion must therefore be to discuss the idea of cultural superiority and inferiority, for whenever there are notable differences between cultures such judgments must be made, however loudly the multiculturalists may howl at the notion.

There are two manners by which cultures may be judged superior or inferior to one another, and the first of these is so easy to understand that it probably boggles the softly-educated modern mind: When given the chance, people will move from an inferior culture to a superior one, for the superior culture offers them and their descendents more hope and a brighter future.

All that is needed in order to establish where the world’s richest culture exists, therefore, is to take a look at the emigration (out-going) and immigration (in-coming) patterns of the world’s populace.  When this is done, one comes to the immediate and obvious conclusion that the West is far superior to Islamic culture, Buddhist culture, Hindu culture, African culture and Communist culture, and that in the West it is America that is superior to all others.  The question then becomes: Why is American culture so superior to others?

The obvious answer to such a question is that America offers more hope and a brighter future for humanity than does any other place on Earth.  But lest people become too greatly offended at such statements as I have already made, let me most clearly state that I am no apologist for American culture.  I am, however, an apologist for Scriptural culture, and America simply has more of it than any other nation has ever known (especially on such a large scale).

Culture is the shared worship of a people, and at the heart of a shared worship is the deity or deities worshipped.  In the case of the Judeo-Christian culture, this deity is the Jehovah of Scripture, in Whose image humanity was created (Genesis 1:26,27).  When a people therefore purpose to worship Jehovah and submit their society to the confines of His Word, they will eventually experience more freedom and blessing than any other people, for it allows the image of God in humanity to flourish in exactly the way it was meant to do so.

Jehovah is an absolutely free Being (Psalm 135:6), and so those who worship and follow Him will tend to develop and prize the idea of freedom.  Jehovah is also holy (Isaiah 6:3), loving (1 John 4:8,16) and consistent (Malachi 3:6; Hebrews 13:8), and so a culture based upon Him will tend to be moral, orderly, just, kind and stable.  Likewise, Jehovah is beautiful (Psalm 27:4) and is the Creator of delight (Eden signifies delight), and so a people who serve Him will inherently seek a high standard of living, beauty and comfort.  The worship of Jehovah therefore naturally inspires people toward all things noble and dignified, and if properly done will raise any culture from the gutter to the potential heights of Heaven-like existence.

This is not true of all deities, for there is but one true God (Deuteronomy 4:35,39), and the worship of any being less than He will always lead humanity toward Hellish existence, and nowhere is that more obvious today than in the worship of the Allah of Islam, who has led the Religion of Peace in a 1300-year war against the rest of planet Earth, seeking to decimate all human freedom and dignity under the banner of Sharia Law.  Scarcely better is the scourge of Communism, whose secular adherents worship Evolution’s bloody deity Chance, who is the cruelest master upon Earth, and at whose feet lies an ocean of scores of millions of human souls, despite having had far less than two centuries to ply his trade here.

The cultures of Islam, Communism and others are vastly inferior to Judeo-Christian culture simply because they worship vastly inferior deities, and true Judeo-Christian culture (such as that once seen in America’s prime) adheres to the only worldview that honors Jehovah – the Biblical worldview – and from that springs superior culture (Deuteronomy 28:13).

Finally, we must deal with the modern notion of multiculturalism.  Jehovah, as the one true God, is a jealous God (Exodus 20:5), which is a nice way of saying that He doesn’t play well with others.  But since culture is based upon the shared worship of a people, the idea of multiculturalism actually means let us all worship our different gods together.  How absurd can we be?  Gods don’t mix, and international borders were meant to ensure that this didn’t happen.

The Hell-inspired ideologies know this well enough, and practice it to the hilt.  Try building a church or a synagogue in Saudi Arabia.  Allah the Merciful does not permit it.  How about North Korea?  You’ll find the same outcome with Chance the Benevolent.  Strangely enough, it is only the Judeo-Christian West that is required to bow before the altar of multiculturalism, for it is the mechanism by which the inferior cultures seek to destroy the superior one.  And destroy it they must, for their gods don’t play well with Jehovah.

The Biblical idea of international borders dictates that a people maintain a separate, unified, singular culture behind those borders.  It is certainly a moral idea (and is very nearly a sacred one), and to toy with such a view spells eventual doom for any people or nation.  Wake up, people of the West.  Gods do not mix.

Stay tuned for next time, when we will tackle the thorny issue of what land belongs to which people!

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