The Biblist Genesis


With all due apologies to my few but faithful readers, I must stray a bit from the promised look into the Divine lessons of human government learned from the Tower of Babel incident (see Genesis 10-11), and instead delve a bit into the very reasons for the Biblist Papers, for it has come to light that there is need of this explanation.

To a great degree I am with the true political conservative, and to a great degree I find that I can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Tea Party, for it is they who represent the best of what once was – and what could yet be again – of America. Continue reading

Life for Life


We Biblists now finish our brief three-part look into the Divine beginnings of human government by focusing on the what, why and how of Scriptural human government.  As we have already seen, the beginning of human government was the requirement for the execution of anyone who murdered a fellow human being, and so we find that we have already discussed the what of human government in the previous article, leaving us free to now discuss the why and the how of it here. Continue reading

The Hangman Cometh


Once anarchy and the sinful nature of humanity had finished their Divine tutorial on the need for human government, God then imposed the reality of it upon the Flood survivors immediately upon their exit from the Ark (Genesis 9:6), where human government had its Divine beginning with the idea of capital punishment for murderers.  This essentially made the idea of capital punishment for murderers the foundation for all human government, and any government not built upon that foundation is, by definition, an illegitimate expression of it (from Heaven’s point of view). Continue reading

Out of Anarchy


In the seven articles I have thus far written for Critical Mass, I have been sniping at the issue of human government in the hopes of bringing a Biblical perspective to it, but I have come to the conclusion that it is far better (and more necessary) to strike at the heart of this beast that threatens to so soon devour us.  To this end I now begin a long series of articles meant to bring the idea of government back within its Scriptural limits, and so with all due apology to Messieurs Hamilton, Jay and Madison, who so articulately argued for the limited federalism of our U.S. Constitution in what came to be known as the Federalist Papers, I shall call these articles the Biblist Papers, for there is a Divine Constitution for human government to be found within the pages of the Bible. Continue reading

Sea to Shining Sea?


Few issues raise the ire of more people more quickly than the issue of what nation has the right to call what land their own at any given time, and so any series of discussions regarding international borders would not be complete without treatment of it.  Nations and peoples have long been overrun, enslaved and/or ruled by others, leaving no one’s ancestry unstained by the tint of it, causing national and ethnic rage to burn in many a heart and soul from memory of the issue. Continue reading