The Biblist Genesis


With all due apologies to my few but faithful readers, I must stray a bit from the promised look into the Divine lessons of human government learned from the Tower of Babel incident (see Genesis 10-11), and instead delve a bit into the very reasons for the Biblist Papers, for it has come to light that there is need of this explanation.

To a great degree I am with the true political conservative, and to a great degree I find that I can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Tea Party, for it is they who represent the best of what once was – and what could yet be again – of America.  But as I survey the political and social landscape of our nation, there is a harsh reality that I see (although others may not), and I do not see the conservatives and Tea Party activists overcoming it, despite their valiant efforts to do so.  Allow me to explain.

Few Americans have read their Constitution; fewer understand it; and still fewer any longer believe in the need of it for appropriate human government.  This means, in essence, that it is nearly pointless to argue for Constitutional government, because for such government to exist there must likewise exist a deep and heart-felt belief among the self-governed in the need to have (and to literally abide by) a Constitution.  When this is no longer the case, Constitutionalism fails, and government is left to the momentary and arbitrary fancies of its people – a most dangerous condition.  But fear not, for all is not lost, as there is a better way.

In this crazy and wonderful thing that has been my life, I have had the privilege of qualifying to operate four different nuclear power plants, and although each power plant and its personnel were different, the qualification process for each was essentially the same.  When proving (or attempting to prove) his or her knowledge on any system in the nuclear plant (and there were many such systems), each trainee was required to draw the entire system from memory, without missing any components.  Once that was done, the trainee then had to describe in infinite detail the operation of the system as a whole, and to recite the setpoints and descriptions of every component in the system.

After that came the hard part, where the trainer would ask the why and what if questions.  Their belief was that any monkey could draw a system or push a button or open a breaker; what they wanted to know was that the trainee actually understood the system, and so the barrage of real questions would begin.  Why is that setpoint what it is?  What happens if it’s set lower?  Higher?  What happens if this valve fails closed?  What would you need to do if this breaker failed to open?  On and on it would go until the trainer was convinced that the trainee knew not only the system, but its design basis – that all important idea that dictated why the system was necessary, and thereby its true function.

My point here is that our Constitution is merely the system, and this system itself is barely understood anymore.  This means that its design basis is therefore out of reach, and no amount of appealing to the Federalists and Founders will bring this back on a scale large enough to affect significant change.  There is but one way to restore the idea of good government in our midst, and that is to appeal to true Biblical thinking (where the idea is originally found), as those who profess love of God and allegiance to His Word in our nation are truly legion, and therefore possess both the strength and ability to affect this change.

It must be admitted, though, that so long after its adoption by the States, our magnificent Constitution now has little to no pull even with Believers.  But with Scripture it is otherwise, and since the design basis for good human government is clearly laid out in its inspired pages, it is here that true and lasting victory may be won.  Hence, the Biblist Papers are necessary.

But where does this Biblist stand concerning our Constitution?  I once swore an oath to uphold it and to defend it against all enemies foreign and domestic, and I hold myself to that oath to this day, despite the years that have passed since I last wore the uniform.  My sincere desire is to see my nation return its allegiance to its remarkable Constitution, and there is but one way to see this occur – we must learn again the Divine principles behind the design basis of human government as outlined in Scripture.  When we do, we will see how truly enlightened our Constitution was and is, and will then be more willing to return our government to within its Constitutional confines.

Finally, I must end this article with a warning to us all, for it seems clear to me that we have but a small window of time to reset our government to within appropriate boundaries before it grows to such power that it will overwhelm the governed with absolute tyranny.  When (and not if, especially if we maintain our current course) this occurs to the United States, the world will then quickly succumb to Hell’s darkness from pole to pole, for there will no longer be any ideology or people of sufficient merit able to withstand its assault upon our planet.

We can turn the tide, but it must be done now, and 2012 will be truly pivotal in this effort.  The Biblists must rise and be counted, as they did more than two centuries ago.

7 thoughts on “The Biblist Genesis

  1. Another great posting. The Bible and the Constitution are the two documents upon which this great country was founded, and we need both still today if this country is to reclaim its Glory. Indeed, it must begin in 2012, but it will still be a long journey to get back to where we need to be.

  2. Interesting, except for that of varying religions (and that I doubt nuclear plants are mentioned in the bible). This country is supposed to be of the people, by the people, and all people equally. But the rich have control over most things now by buying their voted politician, and they don’t tax themselves. Billions spent while citizens lose their jobs & homes. I believe there’s a label for that type of government, and it’s not “Democracy”.

  3. Great post, Barry. I found gravity in your explanation about the importance to not only understand our Constitution, but the need to comprehend the divine fabric of its intended design.

    I thought the illustration about your history with various nuclear plants and the amount of knowledge you had to possess regarding them, well, nuclear! And this tied in flawlessly with your comparison to our (lack of) understanding about America’s Constitution. Though I must have missed where in this post you compared nuclear plants to the Bible…

  4. Hello Barry,

    Well written and insightful. I understand and appreciate your view.

    Take care, brother, blessings to you..

    Mark Poore, your newest faithful reader

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