Language, Law & Culture


With the necessity and legitimacy of international borders now established by God (as we have seen in PART ONE), it is a logical next step to conclude that international borders are also a moral idea, as strange as it may seem to some.  Yet despite its seeming strangeness, this is not a hard or difficult thing to conclude, for since God is perfectly holy (Isaiah 6:3), anything He establishes has moral authority behind it. Continue reading

Divine Separation


So profoundly muddled is today’s thinking regarding the issue of international borders that I find it necessary to bring some Scriptural firepower to bear upon it, and so today I launch a four-part series dedicated to the subject.  Our first look into the fog will be to discuss the need for many separate and sovereign nations. Continue reading

Prison Overcrowding

Among the many dark clouds on California’s horizon is the particularly ominous U.S. Supreme Court dictate that the Golden State must soon release 46,000 felons from its prison system into the general populace, citing the condition of healthcare within the prison system as its reason for doing so.  Setting aside for the time being the rather dubious Constitutional concerns driving this decision by the Court, it is imperative that we focus on the detrimental effects of a soft-hearted justice system upon society, for we are experiencing its end-game with frightening ferocity. Continue reading

Choosing Government Leaders 101

The separate and recent events involving New York’s Representative Anthony Weiner and the former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, should serve as a sobering reminder that some deep introspection regarding the character of those we put into public office is sorely needed.  To be sure, there are no perfect individuals available for public office, but simply because we must choose from a field of flawed individuals does not mean that our standards for those we do elect or appoint should be low or non-existent. Continue reading