An Evangelical’s Response to Senator McCain Regarding Immigration

Dear Senator McCain

Last week you appealed to us Evangelicals in your need to garner support for the (supposed) immigration reform bill passed yesterday by your Senate with the help of your smiling vote.  This is my response to your request for aid from us. Continue reading

Language, Law & Culture


With the necessity and legitimacy of international borders now established by God (as we have seen in PART ONE), it is a logical next step to conclude that international borders are also a moral idea, as strange as it may seem to some.  Yet despite its seeming strangeness, this is not a hard or difficult thing to conclude, for since God is perfectly holy (Isaiah 6:3), anything He establishes has moral authority behind it. Continue reading

Divine Separation


So profoundly muddled is today’s thinking regarding the issue of international borders that I find it necessary to bring some Scriptural firepower to bear upon it, and so today I launch a four-part series dedicated to the subject.  Our first look into the fog will be to discuss the need for many separate and sovereign nations. Continue reading