An Evangelical’s Response to Senator McCain Regarding Immigration

Dear Senator McCain

Last week you appealed to us Evangelicals in your need to garner support for the (supposed) immigration reform bill passed yesterday by your Senate with the help of your smiling vote.  This is my response to your request for aid from us.

John McCainAbove and beyond our fidelity to the United States and her glorious Constitution, we Evangelicals owe our first and most lasting allegiance to the principles of Scripture, including those principles of Scripture dealing with good and appropriate government.  Since your immigration reform bill violates those principles at nearly every turn, please allow me to explain why it doesn’t have the support of this Evangelical pastor, and why your political party is losing us in droves over the notion of appropriate government.

Reason #1: Common sense.  The first rule of triage is to stop the bleeding, which in immigration terms means that any meaningful immigration reform begins with ensuring the immediate cessation of large-scale illegal immigration.  At a bare minimum this would mean securing our southern border before anything else is even attempted or proposed, but your bill does neither.  God is a reasonable Being and I am to have a reasonable faith (Isaiah 1:18), but your bill positively insults my intelligence.

Reason #2: God invented the idea of borders.  When Nimrod’s great experiment in one-world totalitarianism proved detrimental to the survival of human freedom and dignity, Babel Good-byesGod drastically intervened by confusing the languages of humanity.  Earth went from having one language one day to at least seventy languages the next day, and humanity was forever splintered into groups that would in time become separate and sovereign nations.  Language differences were therefore the first borders, and the God we serve instituted those borders.  This means that borders is not a dirty word, but is instead an idea necessary to sustaining human freedom and dignity.  Please see Genesis 10-11 for details.

Reason #3: Israel was given well defined borders.  God gave to Israel very specific borders (Numbers 34:1-12).  We crazy Evangelicals have the audacity to assume that He knew what He was doing when He did so, and so still assume it is a requirement for any sane nation.

Reason #4: Israel protected her borders and her sovereignty.  For some reason, many of the nations bordering Israel liked to test her borders whenever the opportunity to do so arose.  When with God’s blessing she grew strong and wise, Israel secured her borders and protected her sovereignty (2 Samuel 8:6,14; 1 Kings 4:20,21).

Reason #5: A citizen of Israel was peculiar.  Inside the borders of God’s Israel, the people spoke Hebrew (2 Kings 18:26), were equally subject to the Law of Moses (Exodus 12:49; 13:7; Numbers 15:29) and worshipped Jehovah to the exclusion of all other gods (Exodus 20:2-4).  Only converts to these three things were allowed to immigrate (Joshua 2:8-13; 6:23,25; Ruth 1:16,17).

Solomon & ShebaReason #6: Export successful ideas, don’t import failed ideas.  Israel got it right during the early and middle years of Solomon’s reign, and when she did, the world came streaming to her door to marvel at her success (1 Kings 4:34).  This included the Queen of Sheba who, instead of immigrating to Israel, took the knowledge of the Law and Jehovah back with her to her country.  All nations are welcome to give our Constitution and Judeo-Christian culture a try on their soil.  These things aren’t secrets and will work for anyone when tried together.

Reason #7: The New Testament changes none of this.  According to Genesis 9:6, government has the sacred duty of protecting and honoring the image of God in humanity, and that duty will not and cannot change until the sinful nature is extinguished in Revelation 21.  It is the Christian’s duty to make sure government stays on task till then.

With all due respect, Senator McCain, you are failing in this task, and your Republican party is failing miserably with you.  While I consider today’s Democrat Party platform to be truly inspired by Hell, I had yet held out some hope for the Republican Party, but unfortunately the official Republican motto now seems to be Vote for us, we’ll destroy the country more slowly than the Democrats!  How inspiring.

Mene Mene Tekel UpharsinSo no, you do not have this Evangelical pastor’s support (or the support of those within my meager sphere of influence), nor will you or your party likely ever have it again.  I speak with certainty only for myself, but I suspect there are many who share my sentiments.  We’re tired of being treated like a prostitute by you and your once-noble party’s profligate and unscriptural governmental ideologies every time you need a dark favor.  We are legion, and we are leaving.  Please do us a favor and lose our number.



Pastor Barry Mahler

9 thoughts on “An Evangelical’s Response to Senator McCain Regarding Immigration

  1. I do wish WordPress would include a “dislike” button. I’m not reacting to you personally, but this opinion comes across to me as lacking in compassion and empathy, and committed to adding legal obstacles for people who mostly just come here seeking work and improved security for their families.

    Our entire history as a nation consists of wave after wave of immigrants from different places, people of different cultures. The original immigrants did all they could to wipe out the people who were already here when they arrived. Over successive generations, each group in turn became established, built businesses and raised families, then started shouting “No more immigrants – YOU don’t belong!” It’s no different today.

    Your justification for saying it is more academic, and employs whatever number of scriptural “clobber passages” makes you intellectually comfortable with portraying America as an unwelcome destination for the poor, but it isn’t a novel message.

    In principle, and through any means I can, especially by helping to improve needlessly exclusionary laws, I’ll do whatever I can to help make millions who have already been here for generations, who have proven themselves part of the community in every way they were allowed, to be recognized as full citizens. The border checkpoint to be most concerned about is the one in our hearts.

    • You must be the only person in America without a door to your home. How compassionate of you to just let everyone come in and help themselves to whatever of yours is needed! I really admire that, ’cause remember, the door to be most concerned about is the one in your heart. Feel free to post your address so everyone knows where to go for the compassion.

  2. You are correct in the “first procedures” for bleeding. I was thinking along the lines of a tourniquet, which might also render the patient immobile for the duration of the treatments. The largest problem does not seem to be along the border, but within 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Seems the doors to the Oval Office have been left open (sometime after our six-gun pack’n President, Reagan went back to the ranch in California.) The Jihadists were probably able to slither under the door mat and make their way over to the Presidents desk. I am probably incorrect as the Marine Guard would not have allowed them past the front gates of the People’s House. Thus the Jihad was probably invited for breakfast and stayed late into the evening as they dinned with our President and his family.
    I don’t think it was the “purple Kool-Aide” that they brought in their flasks that put the President into a deep coma, as he has already become immune to the Purple Kool-Aide for years. His wine cellar has another 3 year supply on hand for anyone that would venture into his chambers for a “night-cap” before falling asleep in their new cabinet position or heading over to the Senate building to share their latest vision for America.

    I sincerely hope that someone wakes them up before we cast our votes in the next elections. (On second thought…..let them sleep.)

    And now I’m ready for my IRS audit in April of 2014.

    • I thought the misunderstanding of the word “triage” was a small matter compared to the core ideas in the article, but as a health care worker I suppose I should point out that triage has nothing whatsoever to do with treatment. The “first, stop the bleeding” instruction is part of FIRST AID, not triage.

      Triage is the separation of patients in an emergency into groups, based on the severity and hierarchy of their injuries. You have those who are likely to die no matter what treatment they get, those who are likely to live no matter what you do, and those for whom treatment is likely to influence the outcome. You separate out the first two groups to concentrate on the third. That’s ALL triage is.

      • Thanks for the eloquent (and perfect) defintion of “triage.” I was using poetic license – “triage” has much more force than does “first aid” in this written context, and immigration is indeed in need of triage.

  3. Well put, Pastor! But where do we go from here? At this point we have two choices, neither of which will solve our Natlional problems.

    • When both choices are bad, create a third (reform). If reform doesn’t work, sterner measures may have to be taken, as our Founders showed us and as outlined in Battlefield: Resetting Government in UNGOD: Unmasking the Dark Image of Hell. I’m really hoping that reform works, but I’m not counting on it.

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