Support the Defenders

The rise of genocidal Islamic terrorism – especially when coupled with largescale governmental inaction against such a worldview – is creating a stunning humanitarian issue throughout the Middle East and much of Africa.ISIS Beach Beheading  Because of this, earlier this year we at Calvary Chapel Fallbrook began dedicating the proceeds of our recycling program toward helping those directly affected.  Renamed as Support the Defenders Recycling Program, it is designed to do more than just aid in housing, clothing and feeding the refugees created by these terrorists Continue reading

How Could You, God?

Tragic incidents such as the recent Aurora, Colorado theater massacre always bring with them a mountain of difficult theological questions, such as Why would God allow this? or Why didn’t God stop this?  All such questions are certainly legitimate and must eventually be answered, but it is seldom the appropriate time or place to do so when the tragedy itself is still fresh and raw. Continue reading