The Redistribution of Poverty

So severely has today’s idea of appropriate government run afoul of the Scriptural guidelines imposed upon it that I find I must from time to time stray from the slow and plodding case being made through the Biblist Papers to deal directly with the issues at hand.  The Papers will in principle eventually encompass all such issues, but since that will take us quite some time to accomplish, it is at times necessary (and frankly, enjoyable) to break from them and let fly the arrows a bit more directly and succinctly.  This is one of those times. Continue reading

Bottom Heavy


The Divine tutorial regarding human government as taught us through the episode of the confusion of tongues at Babel (Genesis 11:1-9) now continues as we look into a most important principle embodied in the painful lesson of that day.  However it may rub us the wrong way, the overriding principle here is simply that Heaven prefers decentralized government over centralized government.  In essence, this means that what is good for the globe is good for the nation, and thereby good for the province or state, and by extension to the most local concept of human government. Continue reading