Why Hell Hates the U.S. Constitution

The recent decision by the U.S. Supreme Court regarding the constitutionality of Obamacare has been one of many nails driven into the coffin of our country’s Constitution over the past century.  And while the question of whether or not too many nails have now been driven into that coffin must wait for another day to be answered, the reason why all Christians must arise to defend the Constitution must not, for when it dies much of Heaven’s light upon Earth will die with it.

Hell and its Master are very real, and their purpose for humanity is to see it degraded and destroyed.  To this end, Hell’s preferred state of affairs for humanity is true anarchy, for we shall then be free to let the sinful nature run without restraint upon Earth, and will sink into utter degradation and depravity in short order (Genesis 6:5).

But since God ended the anarchy of pre-Flood humanity by imposing human government upon Earth (Genesis 9:6), Hell was forced to recalibrate its way of thinking, and its answer to this new state of affairs was the near-immediate totalitarianism of Nimrod’s Babel (Genesis 10-11).  This shows us that while anarchy is certainly preferred by Hell, totalitarianism will do in a pinch, since it reduces its subjects to pure drudgery and hopelessness.  Both systems obliterate human dignity, and human dignity is anathema to Hell.

Hell therefore seeks to influence all human affairs to the dark extremes of anarchy or totalitarianism, for it wins in either case.  The issue of good government therefore becomes an issue of how to maintain a balance somewhere between these two Hellish extremes, and that balance is ably described for us in Scripture (please refer to The Biblist Papers for elaboration).

If the extremes of government have the ability to degrade and destroy humanity, good government therefore has the ability to raise humanity to great heights of glory, freedom, dignity, prosperity, beauty, creativity and civilization.  And when the best of government is employed, it has the ability to do so not just with its own people, but also with all of those who are led aloft in the train of its glory, and may thereby effectively change much of the planet.

It was this best of government that was (and is) the secret to the U.S. Constitution, for it was written by deep, Scriptural thinkers who had been immersed in Biblical thought since the years of the Great Awakening in the Colonies.  As they contemplated the idea of government, they therefore acknowledged the important governmental principles of Scripture: the existence of Jehovah, the image of God in humanity, the deep human longing for freedom stemming from the image of God, the fallen nature of humanity, the need for government, the purpose of government, the danger of government and the blessings inherent to those who love God and His Word.

Hell has therefore always been furious with the U.S. Constitution, for when the American people have stood their ground for it, it has put Hell in its place and allowed the image of God to flourish on American soil and beyond.  And the decent nation it has raised has done more to turn back the tide of Darkness upon Earth than any other, for the Gospel has gone out from her as from no other, and many have been the tyrants stopped by the firm jaw of the American fighting man, who gladly returned home without thoughts of spoil or empire.

And so Hell has waged a long and patient war against our Constitution and the principles it espouses.  Slowly but surely Hell has replaced the wise statesmen of old with politicians who know nothing of God and the Biblical necessities of government.  Slowly but surely Hell has obliterated our admiration for the generation that gave us our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.  Slowly but surely Hell has used the sloth inherent to the sinful nature to encourage the once-hardy American people to give up the responsibilities of freedom for the guarantee of a comfortable life at the hands of their government.  Slowly but surely Hell has obliterated the enumerated powers that once held the federal government in check.  Slowly but surely Hell has encouraged the individual States to become fiscal slaves to the Federal teat, and slowly but surely Hell has encouraged the Supreme Court of the United States to view the Constitution with utter contempt and disregard.

The secret to the Constitution was its understanding of – and allegiance to – Biblical principles of government.  It was written by men of deep and sincere Biblical faith who wanted a nation and a government in line with their Creator.  How dare we Christians today let that great and Biblically-inspired document slip into oblivion at the hands of those who serve Hell’s dark ideologies.

It was not nor could not be something written by atheists, communists, socialists or secularists.  It was not nor could not be something written by media elites, educational elites or governmental elites.  And it was not nor could not be something written by men of any other faith, for it is the sole property of inspired Judeo-Christian thought.  We must claim it again and with strength.

It is very nearly game, set and match for Hell in this fight.  America has long stood its ground against Hell’s schemes upon Earth, but the heart of America has always been her great Constitution and the principles that define it.  If that heart dies, America will stand against Hell no longer, and all of Earth will quickly succumb to the degrading tentacles of Darkness.

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