The Separation of Church and Obama

Despite the fact that the idea of the separation of church and state exists nowhere within the U.S. Constitution, the social and political southpaws among us are the first to insist upon it in all aspects of society.  Yet when it suits their goals, these same people are the first to use Scripture to try and justify their rampant social engineering Continue reading

The Problem with Mitt Romney

As a proponent of Biblical, Constitutional and decent government, I have a serious problem with Mitt Romney – and no, it’s not his Mormon faith.  Glenn Beck is purportedly a Mormon, and frankly, if there were 535 Glenn Becks in Congress, ours would be a far better nation than it is today.  The issue I have with Mr. Romney is simply that he is a stranger to the idea of appropriate government, as evidenced by his continuing and stalwart defense of what is known as Romneycare Continue reading

Resetting Government

Humanity corrupts everything it touches, eventually corrupting it completely.  Because of this, any institution – no matter how well or nobly begun – must from time to time be reset if anything good or noble is to remain of it.  This is especially true of human government, for as the institution designed by Heaven to limit the worst expressions of the sinful human nature, government has the potential to obliterate human freedom and dignity if not kept in check. Continue reading

Scriptonomics: Part Two


As promised, we now finish our synopsis of Biblical economics by considering the important role played by morality in this issue.  In the previous article I outlined those very few and simple things that a government should do in order to set the stage for economic blessing; in this article we’ll take a look at the best way of ensuring that it actually occurs. Continue reading

Scriptonomics: Part One


As Europe shudders with the death throes of its client economies, it is hard to imagine a better time for us than now in which to take a look at those ingredients that are most likely to bring a sound and bountiful economy to a people, for if we in America do not soon alter course, we will in short order follow our friends into the ruin brought on by that modern economic thought so deeply laced and sanctioned with governmental involvement. Continue reading