The Redistribution of Poverty

So severely has today’s idea of appropriate government run afoul of the Scriptural guidelines imposed upon it that I find I must from time to time stray from the slow and plodding case being made through the Biblist Papers to deal directly with the issues at hand.  The Papers will in principle eventually encompass all such issues, but since that will take us quite some time to accomplish, it is at times necessary (and frankly, enjoyable) to break from them and let fly the arrows a bit more directly and succinctly.  This is one of those times. Continue reading

Bottom Heavy


The Divine tutorial regarding human government as taught us through the episode of the confusion of tongues at Babel (Genesis 11:1-9) now continues as we look into a most important principle embodied in the painful lesson of that day.  However it may rub us the wrong way, the overriding principle here is simply that Heaven prefers decentralized government over centralized government.  In essence, this means that what is good for the globe is good for the nation, and thereby good for the province or state, and by extension to the most local concept of human government. Continue reading

Climate Chains: Part Two

I first want to apologize for the delay in posting this article, but I’ve just finished a visit to my church’s wonderful orphanage in rural Cambodia, where I was too busy with the tasks at hand to spend much time writing or on the computer.

It is now time to shake things up a bit, for as promised in Climate Chains: Part One, we have come to the article that will tackle the issue of human government and environmentalism.  As Biblists, our allegiance is to Scripture, and not to the whimsical, ever-changing thinking and philosophies of fallen humanity, for these always lead in the wrong direction. Continue reading

Climate Chains: Part One

Having just spent a wonderful week enjoying the spectacular beauty of the Caribbean island of St. Maarten, I am of a mind to peruse the issue of modern environmentalism, for it in many ways threatens to destroy our way of life.  And since I’ve just returned from a wonderfully warm place where I spent seven days inhaling and exhaling (much of it through a snorkel), it seems that the appropriate items of study for us today will be a look at the environmental war on carbon dioxide and the hysteria over (perceived) man-caused global warming (or cooling, depending on the day of the week), especially now that Al Gore is finished gracing us with his inane 24-hour clime-athon, in which he blames every ill upon planet earth on such an illusory and false concept. Continue reading

The Arab Winter

As we solemnly mark the tenth anniversary of the horrendous events of 9-11, I think it more than proper to take a look at that part of the world which spawned the notorious hijackers of that day, to see how it is faring ten years after the fact.  Here we see that the Palestinians, encouraged by the reckless rhetoric  of our President, are about to make a power play for statehood in the United Nations, and we also see regime after regime toppling or in danger of toppling under the pressure of revolutionaries. Continue reading

Ex Uno Plura


With all due respect to the fantastic American motto of e pluribus unum (out of many, one), we must now move into the Divine lessons about human government taught us through the incident surrounding the Tower of Babel, which may be found in Genesis 10-11.  As we do, we see that God’s motto for human government is more akin to ex uno plura (which my on-line translator assures me means out of one, many), for a single human government is anathema to the idea of good government. Continue reading

The Biblist Genesis


With all due apologies to my few but faithful readers, I must stray a bit from the promised look into the Divine lessons of human government learned from the Tower of Babel incident (see Genesis 10-11), and instead delve a bit into the very reasons for the Biblist Papers, for it has come to light that there is need of this explanation.

To a great degree I am with the true political conservative, and to a great degree I find that I can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Tea Party, for it is they who represent the best of what once was – and what could yet be again – of America. Continue reading