No Foreign Aid


Before beginning, I’d like to thank my few but faithful readers for hanging in there during my bloglessness of the past few weeks.  I was focusing on my first Easter as a senior pastor, and also working through a final critical edit of my book prior to publishing.  Thanks for your patience!

In my previous article I outlined those stern and basic things that constitute a sound and Biblical approach to the idea of foreign policy.  Such thinking is bound to irk those governmentalists who are now in charge of these matters Continue reading

Sovereignty & Blood


Today we begin a two-article series on bringing some sanity back into the foreign policy equation with a look at the two most basic and sacred functions of a sovereign government.  In the second article we’ll deal with the objections such a remarkably simple plan will naturally engender from those long enslaved to the ideals of bad government.

The morass that is today’s idea of foreign policy is in need of some serious realignment.  When we watch the current Administration and its State Department in action, almost nothing it does makes sense to a reasonable person Continue reading