The Return of Molech

The sexually immoral Ammonites of Old Testament fame, lacking our modern medical and technical expertise, created an interesting way of dealing with the problem of the unwanted children such immorality would naturally conceive.  Their solution was to sacrifice their offspring to their demonic god Molech by burning them to death (2 Kings 23:10) on his altar.  They would simply heat the large, iron hands of Molech until they were white-hot, and then their babies would be placed upon those hands and burned to death, after which the parents would return to their no-holds-barred hedonism.  Nice and tidy.

As a purportedly civilized people, we cringe at the thought of such reprehensible behavior.  But the sad truth is that though we are indeed more medically and technically advanced today, we’re no better than the Ammonites, for we’re proving ourselves to be just as murderous and callous as they were.  While we like to think of ourselves as being too advanced and sophisticated to ever bow before the likes of Molech, we have in fact only changed his name to Planned Parenthood and NARAL, and we offer our children to him just the same, except that we call it abortion rather than child sacrifice.

Whether we poison a baby with a Morning After Pill or medically induce a miscarriage, it’s still murder.  Whether we burn the baby alive in the womb with a saline solution, hack her to pieces bit-by-bit in the uterus or bring him to the point of delivery only to crack open his skull and suck out his brains, it’s still murder.  And such atrocities can only be inspired by one whom Jesus described as the original Murderer (John 8:44), and who takes a special, perverted pleasure in seeing life forcibly taken from the most innocent version of those who bear God’s (hated) image (Genesis 1:26,27).  There is simply no other reason for the fanatical religious fervor with which the high priestesses of the pro-choice movement demand the absolute right to end life in the womb.

Such a thing should not be sanctioned anywhere, and the blame for its continued existence and acceptance in our midst must be laid squarely upon the shoulders of the professing Christians of our nation, for there are enough of us to overwhelm the legislative process in favor of life (or any other Biblical principle).  If it is remembered that all legislation is morality, then we realize that the legislative process is simply a battleground for moral superiority by all groups, and Biblical morality has as much right to a place at the table as all others.  And given our sheer numbers, Biblical morality should positively dominate the legislative process every bit as much today as it did in the days of the Founders and Framers.  It doesn’t do so only because we have let the secularists tell us what to believe for far too long, and it’s high time we throw off such shackles and dominate once again.

The current high-pitched discussion regarding contraceptives is little more than a smokescreen for the protection of abortion, behind which hide the glowing eyes of Molech, who still thirsts after the blood of the unborn.  All Believers must unite and hold fast against such a hideous and barbaric practice, and against the evil that fills its sails.  If we fail in this signature issue, we deserve none of the dignities for which life on Earth was designed by our Creator and Savior.

And no violence is needed to stop these modern child sacrifices to Molech.  Instead, all that’s needed is for God’s people to unify and put Biblical principles back into legislation.  If the entrenched resistance of the established political and judicial leadership persists, then we have the sheer force of numbers to force a Constitutional Amendment on the issue.  But this will never happen as long as we let the high priestesses of Molech tell us how to think and act, and if we let them define what is moral and immoral on their Hellish terms.  Being salt and light in a dark and dying world is done on Christ’s terms, not theirs.

Finally, we must remember to pray.  We must pray for the abortion providers, for there is pain and uncertainty ripping at most of their hearts, and over time their souls are likely to grow numb and calloused beyond the reach of God.  We must also pray for healing for all of those – men and women alike – who have experienced abortion, for their hearts hurt with the deed of having taken human life.  And we must pray for those now considering the deed itself, for there is a life at stake for the baby and a lifetime of pain at stake for the parents.

All of these people need the love of Christ and the grace and forgiveness of Heaven, and we are the ones who are to make these wonderful things available to them.  If every abortion provider found new life and forgiveness in Christ, the hands of Molech would never again know the heat of fire, and this is the best answer available.  Let us see to it, then, and to the legislative process that would protect the unborn bearer of God’s image.

3 thoughts on “The Return of Molech

  1. Contraception (nonlethal birth control), like birth control generally, reduces humans to beasts.
    Beasts know nothing of the relationship of copulation to procreation. They act on instinct in response to pheromones given off by the females as they enter their fertile phase. The males obtain what appears to be intense pleasure from ejaculation. men using birth control devices and practices seek pleasure without the consequence (which God-fearers call “reward” or “blessing”) of offspring.

  2. “As a purportedly civilized people”
    Babylonians were civilized. Sodomians and Gomorrahians were civilized. Aztecs were civilized.

  3. The children sacrificed to Molech were not “unwanted.” Molech, which we call “Saturn,” was a fertility god. They commonly sacrificed their first born to obtain the god’s favor and ensure fertility – of their herds, of their flocks, of their crops and of their wives.
    Unwanted children were often killed just after birth, or when they showed defects. Older children who exhibited undesirable traits might be sold as slaves or as prostitutes. Girls who were undesirable due to behavior or unattractiveness sometimes were cast out or just killed.
    Most of the ancient pagans wanted many children, especially sons, for their chiefs and kings wanted many servants and soldiers. Daughters were good for taking care of younger children. They were good in the gardens and farms, and when they entered puberty, a source of money from being sold to be wives and concubines.
    We today are not like the child-sacrificing pagans of old. Children are seen as an undesirable burden, especially mor than two or maybe three.

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